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When time allocation becomes an important wonder of every body, HUNKY DORY VIETNAM turns into a new mission of becoming No 1 in organizing online tours. By this, we will be able to help tourists solve the problem of time in a tour. Hence, traveling decision will no longer be the unsolvable question.


With experiences gained during 14 years, HUNKY DORY VIETNAM about to expand tours to Indochina countries with the view to creating chances for tourists to have a thorough investigation and understanding about this region. Especially, HUNKY DORY VIETNAM will bring you safest services.


We are passionate about travel and confident in our ability to organize your personal dream vacation in Vietnam. We pride ourselves in the fact that we always add a personal touch to every vacation. It is extremely important to us that our customers return home with an experience to remember, not just an excuse to cross a destination off their wish list. Certainly our experienced and enthusiastic team can plan and deliver a tailor-made tour to suit your needs.


We highly proud of the enthusiasm, full of energy and especially young people:

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Mr.Phil Huynh - General Director

Mr.Phil has been the General Director from the beginning. Being in the highest officer HUNKY DORY VIETNAM, his essential duties are to keep the board organized, informed and on task, though frequently there is some degree of public relations work involved as well. 

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Mrs.Sophia Thu – Sale Manager

Thu has very good working attitude. She sets up everything very clear and in order. She is the one who makes sure that the things that need to get done do get done, for the good of the company. She is well-organized and cares about what is going on, what should do and how to do effectively. With no doubt, she is a mighty good leader of Inbound Department.


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Mr.Sonny To – Product Manager

With the roles of Product Manager, Sonny is responsible for maintaining the vision of the product, supervising large groups of tour guides and focusing on the benefit of the customers. He not only thinks creatively and logically but also has a strong sense of what value the product brings to HUNKY DORY VIETNAM and our customers.



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